260 x 190 x 130 mm

without port, viewfinder and handles



without port, viewfinder and handles, neutral under water depending on port and viewfinder.

Operation Depth

– 80m / – 260 ft.

deeper operation depth upon request.

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Always one step ahead: DX flexibility, a new type of AF system and D-Movie in 4K quality are just a few of the numerous features of the Nikon D500 camera.

The camera is perfectly complemented with the SEACAM silver Nikon D500 housing and offers the top performance of the camera even under water.

Functions and
technical data

Knobs and control levers

Power switch / LCD light, shutter release for camera and video, main- and sub-command dial, manual focus, zoom, lens release button / AF mode-button, focus mode selector, +/- correction / movie record, BKT, ISO / AF-ON, play, delete, life view selector.

Push buttons

Multi selector and middle button, QUAL, WB, metering mode, MODE, MENU, protect, + zoom, -index, info, OK, Fn2, info, LV live-view.


Clear LCD monitor window and inclined, glare-free upper display window.

2 flash sockets S6 or N5, 2 flash arm T-pieces 25mm, tripod thread 3/8 ″, M8 thread on the housing top, 2 removable handles and optical-acoustic leak detector.

Remote socket or vacuum test optional

Spare O-ring set, grease and maintenance oil, allen key set and wrist strap in neoprene bag, protective caps and manual.